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Every Night is Game Night

Sep 22, 2016

Welcome back for episode 3 of Table for One! This week, we're talking about a couple of new games, one of which I've covered in part in the past, and an oldie that keeps hitting the table. 

I dive into Xenoshyft Dreadmire to see if it fixes the difficulty issues of Onslaught, then I revisit Hostage Negotiator as we...

Sep 13, 2016

Welcome back to Episode 2 of Table for One, the solo board gaming podcast. This week we're looking at how to play non-solo games solo, as well as some recent plays of Zombicide Black Plague, The Goonies Adventure Card Game, and Shakespeare: Backstage. 


Sep 4, 2016

Welcome to Episode 1 of Table for One! The podcast about solo games by a solo gamer. We're talking about all things new and exciting in the world of solo games this week with reviews of Terraforming Mars solo mode, The Castles of Burgundy Card Game, Scythe, and Eight Epics. 

Anthony from Board Gamers Anonymous will take...