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Every Night is Game Night

Mar 29, 2019

Whenever we discuss a difficult topic on an episode of ENGN, we like to come right back with something positive and fun. This week, we look at some games in nature (stretching the definition juuust a bit with Anthony's game), then talk about some ways that games make our lives better that you might not have thought about.

First, we get into Herbaceous Sprouts (3:33), a next level gateway game building upon the very simple, entry level card game Herbaceous. This one has you rolling custom dice with a good amount of mitigation and strategy. After that, we tackle the looming sales behemoth of early 2019, Wingspan (10:35). We review the game on two levels - game mechanisms and also how important it is in the hobby. Finally, Anthony shares about a complex card-based engine building game that Jason is dying to play, Underwater Cities (24:40).

We then get into some discussion about ways that games make us happier and more well adjusted people overall. When people talk about the positive impact of gaming, they usually refer to the social aspect. In this episode, we chat about two more ways in which games can help us which are a bit more relevant to the solo gamer.

Wingspan review by Lila Sadkin -

In Liz We Trust KS preview - Carnival Zombie, 2nd Edition - (edited)