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Every Night is Game Night

Sep 6, 2019

We're starting a bit late this year, but that's ok! We are here for you to provide reviews of a TON of games from GenCon 2019. Get buckled in for a series of episodes to cover it all.

Helping Jason for Part One of our Wrapup coverage are Colin and Steve from the One Stop Coop Shop podcast and YouTube channel. Before we get into the games, we announced the creation of a new fan group for Every Night is Game Night over at the One Stop Coop Shop Slack channel. We go over how it works in the show. If you are interested in joining a small, engaged part of the ENGN fandom and have direct access to me and my content, please join us! Just click this link:

We cram 6 games into an hour of fun for this episode. We got:

  • Roll for Adventure (7:01)
  • Legendary: A James Bond Deckbuilding Game (15:15)
  • Horrified (21:20)
  • Pandemic: Rapid Response (32:53)
  • Arkham Horror: Final Hour (43:22)
  • Quirky Circuits (51:27)