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Every Night is Game Night

Oct 18, 2019

Our wrap-up of games from GenCon rolls on! Anthony has returned with a heavy helping of Euro fun.

We begin with an expansion to one of Anthony favorite games from the last few years, Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period (4:17). That subtitle is not a typo, that's really the name. Are the contents inside as... well, bad as this name? Jason then hops back into chat about Lockup: A Roll Player Tale (12:06). While this one is not quite a "hot and heavy" Euro, it sneaks in there because it of it's worker placement mechanisms, combined with a healthy dose of Poker-esque tension and reading others at the table. Anthony hops back in to chat about Sierra West (21:47) which, like Teotihuacan, is another offering from Board&DIce, so you know it pays some attention to its solo offering.

We end the episode on two games with civ-building themes. First, Jason talks about Gentes (29:13), a game that manipulates action economy in fun ways. Finally, Anthony hits us with the big hype of the day, Tapestry from Stonemaier Games (40:43).