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Every Night is Game Night

Oct 26, 2019

ENGN 161 - Post-GenCon 2019 Wrap-Up, Part 7 - More Hot and Heavy EurosJason was very happy to contribute to the last episode on Hot and Heavy Euros. This week, we have more for you, but Jason has played none of these and has to keep his trap shut! Instead, we invite back Jeremy from Jambalaya Plays Games to help out Anthony and finish off our grand tour of games from GenCon 2019 (finally)!

First up is Escape Plan (3:08), a surprisingly easy to play offering from noted heavy game designer Vital Lacerda about getting loot and escaping the town ahead of the authorities - not your usual Euro theming, for sure. The next one up is Ragusa (12:56), a new economic and worker placement design from the maker of Calimala, Fabio Lopiano.

Getting even crunchier, the guys chat about the latest in the Imperial Settlers line of games, Empires of the North (20:27). We get into how it tries to offer something different from the original Imperial Settlers and whether it's worth a look if you already own or like that one. Finally, we round out this entire run of games with one of the truly hottest games from the show, one that will undoubtedly come back again during the year-end award season, Black Angel (35:47).