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Every Night is Game Night

Jun 22, 2018

We hope you enjoyed last week's two part episode on designing solo variants! Because of that, this week will not be a regular episode. Instead, we are going to give you audio versions of Top 100 Cooperative Games, a video series that Jason made with Luke Hector, the Broken Meeple:

This audio is the same as the video on Luke's channel. If you prefer to watch the video, go ahead and go over to Luke's channel for that. If you want to listen on your commute or drive, though, then this audio is here for you. Over the next week, we will release episodes for all 100 games. On Friday, Anthony will jump back in and share a special Top Ten list of his own.

Here are the games we will cover in this episode with time stamps. Please reference this list in cases where we don't explicitly say the name of the game in the audio. Hope you enjoy!

8:34 - #100 - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
10:16 - #99 - Mountains of Madness
13:20 - #98 - Defenders of the Last Stand
14:57 - #97 - Legends of Andor
18:01 - #96 - Orleans: Invasion
20:30 - #95 - Kingdom Death: Monster
23:53 - #94 - 7 Days of Westerplatte
26:41 - #93 - One Deck Dungeon
29:01 - #92 - Xenoshyft
32:46 - #91 - Rising 5: Runes of Asteros