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Every Night is Game Night

Aug 24, 2018

Holy GenCon reviews! This is the first of a multi-part series where we cover all of the fun stuff we played post-GenCon. There was a LOT of games and, to our surprise, much of it was pretty good! We won't keep all of these games on our shelves, but we can say that pretty much everything we talk about over the next few episodes will appeal to someone out there in our audience.

This week, we chat about "filler" games. We do not mean that term pejoratively! These are games that might slide into anyone's collection and provide fun for families and gamers alike.

Trainmaker (6:52)
Railroad Ink (11:30)
Istanbul: The Dice Game (17:27)
Palm Island (24:53)
Maiden's Quest (29:28)
The Draugr (39:07)