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Every Night is Game Night

Jan 25, 2019

Jason gets to revel in some glory this week as we catch up on a whole bunch of Pandemic. We covered some of the earlier versions way back in episodes 14 and 15 of the show. Please hop over to our website ( or our GeekList ( to check those out. 

For this latest round, we start with the new hotness - Pandemic: Fall of Rome (4:09). Both of us have played it, so we're able to give a nice chunky review of it. After that, Jason runs through some earlier iterations of Pandemic that not many folks are talking about, but that Jason thinks are good regardless - Pandemic: Rising Tide (15:20) and Pandemic Legacy: Season Two (21:14). 

Finally, we get into out current thoughts on Legacy games. How are we doing with them? Are we able to get through them all, or even some of them? Are we still excited, or experiencing a bit of backlash? Once again, thanks to everyone in the Every Night is Game Night Facebook group who helped contribute thoughts, questions, etc.