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Every Night is Game Night

Feb 2, 2018

You may have seen the voting polls on Facebook and the 1 Player Guild. Now it's time to hand out our ENGN Solo Awards for 2017! Anthony and Jason both chose their own winners, and the fans helped up break any ties between us with their own votes!

Not only do we present each award with analysis for each category, we asked a number of friends in the solo and cooperative community to help present (one of whom gets eaten by a Shoggoth monster... you'll have to listen to find out who).

  • Best Board Game App - presented by Crystal Pisano of Board Game Blitz (6:14) -
  • Best App Integration in a Board Game - presented by Peter Gousis and Michael Kelly of Co-Op Cast (11:06) -
  • Best Unofficial Fan Variant of a Game - presented by Hans Gruberstein from Hans Solo channel (17:48) -
  • Best Reprint - presented by Colin Degnan from One Stop Coop Shop - (22:00) -
  • Best Expansion - presented by Adam Smith of Rolling Solo - (25:45) -

Aside from entertaining our core audience, we also hope this serves as an adequate introduction of our show to the Dice Tower Network!