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Every Night is Game Night

Feb 9, 2018

Welcome to part two of our year end ENGN Solo Awards for 2017! We hope you enjoyed part one last episode. This time, we feature all of the core titles that made the biggest impact in the solo and cooperative communities throughout the year. And, just like last time, we have some illustrious guests from other channels to help us out.

Best Short Game - presented by Travis from Low Player Count (2:00) -
Best Family/ Casual Strategy Game - presented by Liz Davidson from Beyond Solitaire (5:52) -
Best Advanced Card Game - presented by a mystery guest presenter (11:32)
Best Adventure Game - presented by Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules (13:49) -
Best Complex Strategy Game - presented by Anthony and Frances from Ant Lab Games (20:55) -

We also give our thoughts on the year as a whole right at the very end of the episode. Phew, we finally put a bow on 2017. Time to embrace 2018!