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Every Night is Game Night

Apr 12, 2019

Jason is very excited to host Every Night is Game Night's first Podcaster Roundtable on a specific topic. It started as a Twitter conversation, and it has now blossomed into its own podcast.

We welcome Paul Grogan from the Gaming Rules YouTube channel as well as Marc Davis from the Thoughtful Gamer blog to talk about theme in games and thematic gaming from all angles. We cover:

• Basic definitions of theme
• A game's theme vs. a game's setting
• Theme as distinct from narrative, story, or plot in a game
• Dice rolling in many thematic games
• Whether a dyed in the wool Euro game can ever deliver a truly thematic experience

Please follow these fine gentlemen at their respective channels. And if you are so inclined and have the means, please check out their Patreon campaigns!

Gaming Rules -

The Thoughtful Gamer -