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Every Night is Game Night

Jan 28, 2017

This week we're diving into a pair of Cool Mini or Not releases from the last few months - starting with Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia, a dice driven dungeon crawl that just hit US shores for Kickstarter backers. It's one of the few Cool Mini or Not games with a built-in solo variant, so how does it fare? 

Next up we look at Eric Lang's most recent CMON release - The Others: 7 Sins - which hit for Kickstarter backers in September and the public at large shortly after. How does the fan-made solo variant for this one stack up? 

Finally, we dive into a discussion of Cool Mini or Not's overall practices and where we think they stand after a few years. Does a company this size still need the surge of attention and built-in scarcity that a Kickstarter campaign provides? 

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